Scrap Cars

When cars come to the end of their life it is time to dispose of them. However, this is not necessarily a simple business; each year the amount of waste created by the amounts of scrap cars is a problem that the European Union decided to address and this led to the End Of Life Vehicles Directive (ELV). This essentially makes the scrapping of a car easier for owners and the long-term result is a solution for the millions of cars that reach the end of their lives each year.

When your car reaches the end of its life it joins the millions of others that have met this same fate and prior to addressing the issue via ELV this was costing the environment dearly. Now vehicle owners have an agreed step to take when they are in this position – the vehicle’s final owner is issued a certificate of destruction and they should then be able to get rid of their car for free.

One might wonder how this is possible; when a car reaches the end of its life and needs disposing of, the costs of the destruction are covered by those manufacturing vehicles or importing them. This means that the burden is not on the vehicle owner to cover the costs, and when their destruction is complete cars can be disposed of in the correct manner at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), which is able to accept such waste.

These measures have been in place for a number of years and the EU hopes this stops hazardous waste from affecting the environment.

So as millions of vehicles reach the end of their life each year there is a way of dealing with the issue that ensures cars are dealt with in the correct manner. This has an effect on the environment whilst also ensuring vehicle owners have a specific set of actions that they can take.